Chemical Oxygen Demand

A comparative study of the performance of Reagecon COD vials
and Hach® COD vials using the Hach® DR/2010 photometer


Authors: John J. Barron, Colin Ashton & Leo Geary - Technical Services Department, Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd., Shannon Free Zone, County Clare, Ireland


This paper describes a comparative study on the performance of the Reagecon and Hach® COD vials when used in conjunction with the Hach® DR/2010 photometer. The results show that the Reagecon vials give comparable results to the Hach® vials in terms of accuracy and repeatability for both COD standards and effluent samples. Therefore the Reagecon COD vials can be used with confidence with the Hach® DR/2010 photometer. As the single range of Hach® COD vials are designed for use on the entire range of Hach® spectrophotometers, the Reagecon COD vials can equally be used on the full range of Hach® spectrophotometers

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