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Colour standardsReagecon offer a wide range of Electrochemical Standards and reagents further information of all of our product ranges can be obtained by clicking on the links below;

Colour Standards

Density Standards-Premium Range


Density Standards-Quality Range

Viscosity Standards

brix Sucrose in Water (Brix)

Refractive Index Standards


Conductivity Standards

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Reagecon is the world’s largest producer of conductivity standards and is credited with the invention of low level aqueous standards. We are still the only producer worldwide with the capability to manufacture and stabilise these products at such low levels of conductivity. This low range of standards includes 1.3?S ±0.5?S - the lowest aqueous conductivity standard available worldwide.


Reagecon offer over 45 different values of Conductivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) standards, ranging from as low as 1.3?S/cm to as high as 500,000?S/cm. Customised or bespoke values can be manufactured on demand. As Reagecon’s conductivity standards are aqueous, they are non-hazardous.



If you have a lot number and wish to download the Certificate of Analysis please Click Here and enter your product and lot number.


Safety Data Sheets  (SDS) are available from the following link:

To download our full conductivity product offering Click Here


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