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REAGECON was the first company in Ireland to gain INAB accreditation for Volume calibration. Calibrations can be performed both on your site, and in our dedicated metrology laboratory in Shannon, County Clare.



Our accreditation Reg. 265C covers all types of piston-operated single and multi-channel pipettes.


Our Accredited service consists of:


  • Gravimetric test method in accordance with ISO 8655 1-6:2002
  • Testing of single channel and multi-channel variable volume at 3 volumes to ensure linearity across the delivery range
  • A detailed Performance Report including replicate test data, mean volume, accuracy and precision
  • Fully documented details of any required adjustments or spare parts fitted



Our Calibration Certificates for equipment tested within the scope of our accreditation are provided with the following details:


  • Delivered volumes from 10 replicate tests at the nominal value for fixed pipettes
  • Delivered volumes from 10 replicate tests at 3 settings for single channel variable volume pipettes
  • and multi-channel pipettes
  • Mean volume delivered and standard deviation
  • Full details of Traceability and Uncertainty of Measurement
  • The INAB logo within our scope of accreditation (265C) – the guarantee of Reagecon’s technical competence and the validity of the certificate.



As well as calibrating your volumetric apparatus, we can also make any adjustments or repairs required to maintain manufacturers’ tolerances. This service will ensure your pipettes are maintained in optimum condition, giving confidence in your analysis and compliance with good laboratory practice and regulatory requirements. REAGECON provides a range of equipment for, and is trained in the use of all leading brands of pipettes, including: Eppendorf, Gilson, Labsystems / Thermo Finnpipette, Socorex, Biohit, Brand and Nichyro. Reagecon also offers a range of complementary products, including pipettes, tips, stands, training and advice.



In addition to our Volume Calibration Service, Reagecon provides a complete technical support solution including Installation and IQ/OQ, Service and Preventative Maintenance Contracts, Repairs and Spares, Training and Advice.