ISO Guide 34 Accreditation

Reagecon is delighted to announce that we are now an ISO Guide 34 accredited producer of certified reference materials. These materials are used for the calibration of scientific instruments, control of laboratory tests, qualification of analytical instruments and the validation of test methods.

ISO Guide 34 accrediations demands a set of stringent requirements that ensures all aspects of the production of reference materials are carried out with measureable and traceable quality. The Guide’s comprehensive requirements includes production planning, raw material selection and characterisation , assignment of certified values, uncertainty, traceability, homogeneity and stability, as well as packaging, documentation, supply chain and logistics.

The high quality attributable to ISO Guide 34 accreditation is founded on several accreditations already awarded to Reagecon. These include ISO17025 accreditation for both product testing and instrument calibration.

Details of this accreditations can be found  in


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